The site of action of Resident Evil 6 will be the China - Cell phones

The site of action of Resident Evil 6 will be the China - Cell phonesAt least one Chapter of the game Resident Evil 6 will be held in China, according to OPM UK. According to the newspaper, this is indicated by a summary of the actress dubbing Wendy IOC (Wendy Mok), which States that it works on the role of Chinese peasant women zombie. At present the summary of the actress have already been removed, but the Network has preserved its screenshot. This is the second in recent times when Internet data appears on developing a sixth part of Resident Evil. A few days ago, actor Joe Cappelletti (Joe Cappelletti) also stated in his resume that he is currently engaged in the voice project. As in the case of Wendy IOC, this information quickly disappeared from the website of the actor. Publisher Capcom has not yet announced Resident Evil 6 officially, but last summer's E3, the company representatives shared information about what may be the next game is about fighting the zombie invasion. According to them, after fans of the franchise criticized Resident Evil 5, the developers had to rethink the series. So the next part will again become a horror game, not a shooter. The fifth and the last number of the series Resident Evil came out in 2009. Now Capcom is preparing to release two new games that are related to the franchise: Resident Evil: Revelations and Resident Evil: Raccoon City. Both projects should be launched in the first quarter of 2012..

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