Favorite classic tales come to life on the iPad screen - Cell phones

Favorite classic tales come to life on the iPad screen - Cell phonesInteractive tales for children from 3 to 7 years in Russian and English languages available for iOS, Android (2.3-4.0) and Windows How to instill in children a love of reading? Video demonstration of interactive books: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNKb_-bEN6M&feature=player_embedded#! (YouTube.com) http://video.yandex.ru/users/dimusique/view/1/ (Yandex.ru) volshebnye books, where the characters according to the will of the reader is ready to come to life, move and speak, we've only seen in fairy tales. For our children these tales become reality... Mobility center of information technologies of Moscow state technical University n.a. N. E. Bauman, bringing together mobile application developers from around the world, has presented a series of interactive children's books for tablets and personal computers. Classic tale with illustrations come alive to the touch, and a professional sound system is designed for children aged 3 to 7 years. Tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktop computers inevitably a close eye on children. And all less than the age at which the first acquaintance of the child with the technique. The first experience, as a rule, becomes the game or watch the cartoon. However, the cartoons are rather entertaining than educational function, and games, even logical, may be the scenario with aggressive overtones. Figuratively speaking, the child is passionate about Angry Birds today, tomorrow may start to throw parrots in the cat. The process of communication of the child with interactive storybook in many respects similar to the game - frog from touching croaks, apples fall from Apple trees, swans flapped, and the cat - stomping boots. But at the same time develops a taste for reading and motor skills. The child under the supervision of a parent learns to work with the technique and obtains this knowledge and positive emotions. The management application is simple enough that a child was even able to engage with the interactive book of fairy tales themselves. Reading bedtime stories, uniting You and the child process becomes more fun. Dads will be interesting to read an e-book than flipping paper. You will be happy to re-acquainted with old stories with your child. Most of the fairy tales read by professional speakers, but the voice can be turned off and begin to tell the tale yourself at any time. The price of interactive children's books from the YICC MSTU n.a. N. E. Bauman - from 1.99 to 4.99 USD (for any platform). In final development and will be added to the directory to 1.02.2012: "Snow white", "Cinderella", "little Red riding Hood", "Ognevka-pokatushki", "Silver hoof", "the Tale about priest and his worker Balda", "the Tale of Tsar Saltan", "the Three little pigs". How to buy an online book from the YICC MSTU n.a. N. E. Bauman? The acquisition of interactive books of fairy tales is very simple and is similar to buying other apps in catalogs iTunes and Android Market. A book of fairy tales on iTunes (iOS), to download you'll need iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewArtistSeeAll?dkId=11&ids=474212539&softwareType=iPad A book of fairy tales in the Android Market (Android version 2.3-4.0): https://market.android.com/developer?pub=DSW Enterprises Limited For Windows operating systems (computers and laptops) are still available to pre-order, it is issued after registration on the website developers: http://www.elbooki.com Entertaining mathematics The book fairy tale "puss in Boots" in Moscow bookstore sells for about 280 rubles, in the Internet-shop you can find the book panoramma for 154 of the ruble. Interactive book on iTunes will cost $2.99 or 94 rubles 70 kopecks. About YICC MSTU n.a. N. E. Bauman Mobility center of information technologies of Moscow state technical University n.a. N. E. Bauman brings together experts in the field of application development for mobile devices from around the world. One of the directions of the Centre's activities is the publication of interactive children's books that will help parents to teach children to read and will give children an alternative to games on your computer or mobile device. Detailed information about the company and the catalogue of books available on the website.

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