Cisco and HP have announced another variant of the interaction between servers HP Cell phones

Cisco and HP have announced another variant of the interaction between servers HP Cell phonesIn order to increase choice and to ensure interoperability of their total customers, Cisco and HP has announced another variant of the interaction between HP servers for data centers and network architectures Cisco. The decision to expand the matrix switching Cisco Fabric Extender for blade servers, HP BladeSystem, known under the name "Cisco Nexus B22 Fabric Extender (FEX) for HP helps customers to extend unified fabric Cisco Unified Fabric system HP c-Class BladeSystem. This solution provides better integration customers who installed the servers, HP BladeSystem, and the Cisco Nexus switches. In addition, it protects your investment in existing technology data centers. The solution, jointly developed by engineers from HP and Cisco, allows customers to easily connect and configure infrastructure HP BladeSystem c-Class and standardized matrix Cisco Unified Fabric. The advantages of the Cisco FEX for HP BladeSystem include: - increased bandwidth and reliability of networks, which is essential for mission-critical applications running on distributed servers; - increased flexibility when working in a changing environment and support proven methods of transition network technology 1GbE to 10GbE technology; - reduce the time and effort associated with maintaining the parent Cisco Nexus up to 24 extenders matrix. The HP BladeSystem c-Class supports the integration of resources of the data center, including cables, power supplies, cooling fans and redundant systems. The result is improved efficiency and reduced costs by streamlining communication between servers and the network. "The BladeSystem customers tend to get the HP solutions that easily integrate new servers into the existing environment," says Jim Gentle (Jim Ganthier, Vice President of HP's marketing Department, industry standard servers and software. "Our new solution provides enterprise customers with infrastructure HP BladeSystem c-Class new standard way of cooperation while facilitating connections and reducing network costs. "Our customers want an easy and economical way to use the latest developments in the field of unified matrix switching, such as Cisco Unified Fabric," says senior Vice President of Cisco Sony Gandini (Soni Jiandani), head server, access and virtualization technology. - The Cisco Nexus B22 Fabric Extender (FEX) for HP will allow customers to extend the benefits of the unified matrix switching Cisco Unified Fabric on all existing infrastructure of the data center". Rates and availability The Cisco Fabric Extender for HP BladeSystem can already be ordered directly through HP and authorized channel partners of this company. List prices starts from 9.799 USD.(1) 1) Here are the list prices for the United States. The real cost of the order may be different..

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