Monitor Samsung 9 series - excellent performance, elegance and versatility - Cell phones

Monitor Samsung 9 series - excellent performance, elegance and versatility - Cell phonesLas Vegas, January 13, 2012 - Samsung Electronics, the leader in innovation and a leading global manufacturer of consumer electronics, is the monitor of a new generation - a spectacular monitor 9 series. It is designed on the basis of the best technologies developed by Samsung in the five year history of leadership in the world market monitor. In particular, the new product supports exclusive technology Natural Color Expert, which offers a richer palette and accurate color reproduction required for users who work with photo and video content. "The interest in computing the premium and the content created by the users themselves, increase in demand for high-quality peripherals that allow you to view, edit, and publish photos, videos and entertainment content," commented Todd Bouman (Todd Bouman, Vice President of product marketing division of Samsung Enterprise Business Division. - New monitor 9 series with exclusive technology support Samsung's Natural Color Expert meets these requirements, providing the necessary resolution and color representation for image editing in detail. Unique monitor, designed in a minimalist style, combines an elegant design and an incredibly realistic picture. The new monitor is designed with great attention to detail and customization to the maximum according to the user requests. The device supports exclusive technology Natural Color Expert, which significantly improves the characteristics of the panel. The capabilities of this technology include hardware color calibration, which ensures accurate transfer of each color. The colors are exactly as they appear in reality, the monitor is able to reproduce more than a billion colors. This creates the effect of the presence and ensures extremely detailed display of photos and videos taken with a digital photo or video camera. In the final stage of Assembly, the Samsung engineers manually perform the color settings on each monitor 9 series. The monitor is also equipped with an exclusive panel Samsung professional class, created by technology PLS (Plane Line Switching). It provides accurate color reproduction over a billion colors and a wide vertical and horizontal viewing angles. The monitor has ultra-high-resolution QHD (2560 x 1440), more than four times the characteristics of ordinary HD monitor so that now all consumers available, which I previously could be used only by professionals. With the growing interest in the processing of photo, video and graphic design in non-professional purposes monitor Samsung 9 series creates new opportunities for working with digital content, and due to the large diagonal of the screen, the user may no longer have to worry about overlapping Windows and palettes. Design monitor was designed to match the quality of the reproduced picture, and assistants Samsung has done everything possible to give the user the feeling that the monitor is not on the buffet, and floating in the air. The monitor is equipped with anti-reflection glass coating on the whole display area and enclosed in ultra-thin body, mounted on an ergonomic height-adjustable aluminum stand. The range of adjustment of monitor height is 100 mm, and the hinge mechanism allows you to tilt the display, providing the desired angle. All internal components of the monitor 9 series is integrated into the aluminum base, which is equipped with ports I / o and USB hub that provides ease of installation and allows you to remove from your desktop unnecessary wires. On the back of the monitor are interface connectors Display Port, Dual Link DVI and HDMI. It is also equipped with stereo speakers power of 7 watts and port with Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) for connecting smartphones and tablet PCs. Connecting to the monitor Android smartphone with support for MHL, the user will be able to view stored in the smartphone content on the screen is significantly larger, but still accompanied by high-quality stereo sound. In addition, you can view web pages on a smartphone and simultaneously charge its battery. Detailed information, videos and pictures were presented on a dedicated website Samsung:

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