Autumn will see the add-on Anno 2070 Deep Ocean (video) - Cell phones

Autumn will see the add-on Anno 2070 Deep Ocean (video) - Cell phonesUrban strategy Anno 2070 will acquire another addition, according to Ubisoft. It turned out that the Studio Related Designs and Ubisoft Blue Byte develop a great add-on Anno 2070 Deep Ocean. Like the original, it will only appear on the PC. The exact release date yet, but indicative - autumn 2012. The game will add a new class geniuses that will provide additional opportunities for the development of the metropolis". You will be able to descend to the bottom of the sea, to build a geothermal power plant to meet new natural and man-made elements. The promised additional buildings, units and as many as 150 new missions. Finally, changes in industrial and economic system, and a mechanism for resource management. The original recall, appeared last November. Users are sent in the near future, where for control of the remaining resources to fight two factions: ecologists and magnates. With the additions this confrontation come to a new level: you can simply absorb competitors, subordinating their women and the economy..

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