Announced the release date of Tribes: Ascend - Cell phones

Announced the release date of Tribes: Ascend - Cell phonesNetwork shooter Tribes: Ascend will be released April 12. It is stated in the official blog of Studio Hi-Rez, which leads the development of the game.Currently, the shooter is in the stage of open beta testing. It was launched in late February, and is currently attended by more than 400 thousand gamers. The developers have announced that all achieved by the player in the beta version of the game will be available in its final version. Studio Hi-Rez announced the sequel to the popular series of shooters Tribes in March 2011. In summer, the developers have announced that they are going to make a game shareware. To download it will be able to attend, and to profit Studio plans, selling sets of equipment. These will include various types of weapons, armor, jetpacks, and special skills. The sets will be released every one to two weeks. Tribes: Ascend is designed based on the Unreal engine 3. The game will be released for PC. Series of shooters Tribes came out in 1998. The development of the first parts were the Studio Dynamix and published by Sierra On-Line. The last game of the series is currently the Tribes: Vengeance, created by the Studio Irrational. It went on sale in 2004. Six years after this Studio Hi-Rez has acquired the rights to the franchise..

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