Google will come back in live - Cell phones

Google will come back in live - Cell phonesGoogle will provide users with the opportunity to work with Gmail, calendar, Google Calendar and office applications, Google Docs without an Internet connection. Access to services will be implemented through application written in HTML5. While these applications can only work owned by Google Chrome, but in the future we plan to support other browsers. Application to access Gmail already appeared in the Chrome Web store Store. Apps for Calendar and Docs should be out within a week, according to a Google blog. The Gmail app allows you to read mail, work with lists of letters and reply to messages. Response letters will be sent after the user re-connects to the Internet. Using application Docs until you can only view documents. Editing function Google promises to add later. In Gmail and Calendar will be provided by the ability to switch between offline and online modes. The ability to work in offline mode was available in Google before, but it was not implemented through the application on HTML5, and through the Gears browser plug-in. The development of Google Gears stopped in February 2010..

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