"Akella" will issue an action game Saints Row: The Third - Cellular phones

The third person shooter Saints Row: The Third has acquired domestic localizer and publisher of the company "Akella", which by some miracle had entered into a contract with a foreign publisher THQ. It happens the same. The release will take place simultaneously on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360; the exact date of Mr. from "Akella" is not called, saying: "November-November". By the way, about November. In the US the game will be the 15th number in Europe of the 18th. And she developed a Studio Volition, which thank you for the two first parts. Who does not know about Saints Row! Very decent (in terms of quality) GTA-clone, able to compete with the prototype. In the previous game gang Third Street Saints were displaced by the city. But just ruptured because crossed the road even more ghastly office, international "Syndicate". In short, his tail between his legs, keeping the way to the new settlement of urban type (Strport), where we will try to restore his criminal reputation. Prepared according to the materials of the company "Akella"..

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