Botanicula got a release date - Cell phones

Botanicula got a release date - Cell phonesQuest Boranicula from Czech indie Studio Amanita Design has got a release date. On the official website reported that the game will be released on April 19th for PC and Mac (according to Eurogamer Botanicula will also be released for Linux). The developers have also released a new trailer of the project can be seen here.On the day of the release of the quest Amanita Design also plans to release the soundtrack in mp3 format. Heroes Botanicula are five creatures that live on a huge tree. Once at their house attack similar to spiders parasites that start to suck from the tree of life. Heroes need to save the last seed of a tree. As in other games of the Czech Studio, players will have to explore the world, solve various puzzles and interact with other characters. However, as said by the developers, Botanicula will be much easier than other projects (for example, Machinarium). Botanicula was announced in the spring of 2011. Its development is led by the artist and designer Jaromir Laments (Jaromir Plachy), and Chapter Amanita Design Jakub Dvorsky (Jakub Dvorsky) is producing the project. The soundtrack to the quest has created a group of DVA. In addition Botanicula Czech developers currently working on the third part of a series of Samorost, however, about the timing of the release of this project are not yet known..

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