Innovative 3D technology from Loewe - Cell phones

Innovative 3D technology from Loewe - Cell phonesLoewe, a manufacturer of televisions and home entertainment systems premium, announces the release of 3D TV. Surround sound, depth, naturalness and a precision of the transmitted image, a simple and understated design is the Loewe Individual 3D. Developed 3D technology from Loewe is one of the last rational innovation company. To transmit 3D images were created special components for Loewe Individual 3D, which allows them to collect unique home entertainment 3D Loewe system: Blu-ray player Loewe BluTechVision - plays 3D discs with spectacular clarity, sound system Loewe Sound Projector - for true 7.1 sound from one loudspeaker and subwoofer Loewe - for natural bass. Impressive depth and naturalness of the image, with high fidelity, surround sound and sense of presence when watching 3D movies are achieved through the personnel allocated to 400Hz TV Loewe Individual 3D work Blu-ray player BluTechVision and 3D active glasses Loewe Active 3D Glasses. Three-dimensional technology Loewe allows you to save the 3D effect when viewing 2D programs, which can be converted into 3D. New Loewe is equipped with: built-in 3D hard disk recorder Loewe DR , 500-GB for recording and playback of 3D programs and movies and a built-in system MediaNet, which allows you to use Internet resources without additional equipment, through a special application Loewe MediaNet Online Apps you can download music, movies, listen to Internet radio and watch Internet TV. 3D-picture, surround sound, built-in 3D recorder - all this is controlled using the remote control for the Loewe Assist Media. With glasses Loewe 3D TV Active Glasses is synchronized by means of a transmitted signal in the infrared range. Color options housing Loewe Individual 3D, as well as decorative moldings on the side panels can be matched to the interior and interior style..

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