"Yandex" will give users of the social network - Cellular phones

Russian Internet company "Yandex" has launched a social search, which enables you to find a person in Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki or Twitter. The company emphasizes that provide information that resides only in open access. The largest Russian Internet company Yandex launches on Monday, February 20, the search to find the user accounts in social networks, says the company. Using the special function of search engine users "Yandex" will be able to find the profiles of their friends in social networks and bloghosting. To do this, simply enter the person's name. Optionally, the request can be supplemented age, place of residence, place of work or study. At the moment the system has indexed 250 million accounts on the ten most popular resources. Including social network Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, bloghosting LiveJournal and LiveInternet, the microblogging service Twitter, and others. Search looking for what's online in the public domain, emphasizes Boris Shoikhet, Director of business development at the international Agency for digital marketing Lumata Group. The user must configure the account so that unnecessary information is not leaked out. This service will allow you to display and recommendations of the user, and its activity on the pages of brands that increases the value of search in the eyes of the business. "However, there is a question about the used algorithms: how the ranking of social search results of "Yandex" is based on user activity? The first will be issued to those users who are more popular, who has more recommendations of friends, or those who have below content more likes? While it is unknown", - said the expert Firstnews. Pages one and the same user on different resources will be combined in the search results. Accounts in the search results will be placed depending on how the page is filled by the user. According to representatives of "Yandex", a new search will allow not only to find the person in the social network, but also to see how it appears to the user account on resources. Yandex indexes only the information that is left in open access. If necessary, the account holders can in the settings of the social network to close the profile from search engine indexing. However, according to General Director of "Media World" Mikhail Gurevich, such settings are only 5-6% of all social network users. "In the privacy settings are not immediately parsed and an advanced user, such as in the Internet the minority - not everyone understands how and what is needed to remove excess't hit the net," says the expert. On the other hand, the idea of social search is very relevant today, "because it is not the robots analyze, and analyzes the activity of the user. According to Yandex, daily users ask to search more than 2 million requests for people. Social people finder will be launched in beta on Monday, February 20, during the day. Google Experience In may 2011, Google launched a search, the results of which are recorded accounts from friends from different social networks. The results are given together with the usual results depending on how they correspond to your query. The results now displays information from those with whom the user is friendly and communicates via YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Friendfeed, Google Reader, Gmail, and personal blogs, chat rooms and websites. The function is strictly personalized, - only works if the user is logged into your Google account. The beta version of Social Search was launched by Google in autumn 2009 in the American version of search..

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