Evolutionary matrix of the revolutionary scale - Cell phones

Evolutionary matrix of the revolutionary scale - Cell phonesRecently Cisco has opened a new era in the development of data centers, announcing a series of network innovation, which allowed to create the most scalable in the world matrix switching for data centers. New Cisco solutions, designed primarily for flagship platform switching Cisco Nexus 7000, develop network innovations of previous generations. These innovations increase productivity and strengthen security for virtualized applications. "Cisco is not the first year position as clear leader in the field of switching for data centers, but today we have raised the bar of leadership to a new level, announcing function of the second-generation flagship of the Cisco Nexus 7000 and offering the industry's highest density modular 10 Gigabit Ethernet switching, said on this occasion, Shashi Kiran (Shashi Kiran, Director of Cisco marketing. Together with functions for FabricPath switch Nexus 5500 and technology Fabric Cam sex online it shows that Cisco was many years ahead of its competitors. Today our company has a routing matrix with the world's highest scalability and wide functionality. Two steps ahead of the competition Unified fabric Unified Fabric (is a flexible comprehensive network solution for data centers) allows Cisco to maintain market leadership 10GbE switching: according to research firm Gartner in July 2011, its revenue in this market is three times higher than the incomes of all competitors combined. In addition, according to Gartner, in 2010, Cisco has achieved the following results: - in terms of revenue Cisco global market switching for data centers amounted to 76.1 percent (for comparison: the share of HP 17.6%, IBM - 2.4 percent, Juniper - 1.4 percent); - rate of growth of Cisco in the market switching for data centers was 126 percent; - the number of customers operating system, Cisco NX-OS for data centers exceeded 19 thousand. - Cisco has shipped 13 million port Nexus/MDS; - the amount of revenue Cisco in the market for 10GbE data center (where the company's share is 73,8%) increased by 254,6 percent. "Cisco is the only company to increase the scale of its operations in many areas: in the area of performance, size, matrix switching, and geographical coverage in order to meet the requirements of evolving data centers, - said senior Vice President of Cisco John maccool (John McCool, group underlying technologies). - Spreading technology FabricPath on the switch Nexus 5500 and technology FEX on the whole product line, we are significantly increasing the scalability of platforms Nexus. These innovations are a new generation of support architectural flexibility, and the market clearly prefers this approach. I remind you that the device with the operating system, Cisco NX-OS is already installed in 19 thousand customers, whereas our competitors, including Juniper, HP, Arista, still trying to sell their products first generation". New quality of service for customers Cisco believes, standard network inadequate for those who support the world's largest web sites for social networking, e-Commerce, government agencies, mobile operators and financial service providers. In these industries, customers need the most powerful and high-quality data centers. The system's unified fabric Cisco Unified Fabric to provide clients with the necessary level of performance and scalability. Unified fabric Cisco is an essential building component of traditional and visualisierung data centers. It unifies resources local area networks (LAN) and storage area network (SAN), creating a single, converged, scalable, intelligent network. That makes use of Cisco Unified Fabric: - 400-percent reduction in the number of servers in such a giant like Coca-Cola; - 60-percent reduction in energy consumption in innovative Italian company AlmavivA; - 80-percent reduction in the number of cables in the company Nighthawk (working in the field of radiology). Meanwhile, the Chinese company Baidu, providing services in web search and other web services, daily uses platform Nexus 7000 for a successful process billions of requests from clients to search information on the Internet. Hundreds of other large companies use Cisco Unified Fabric to be used in a variety of conditions, including data centers, networks, Web 2.0, media processing large amounts of data, intensively working on trading floors and in cloud infrastructures. Continuing to strengthen the security of the matrix switching in a virtualized multi-tenant environment, Cisco announced the decision of the ASA 1000v (facilitates smooth transitions between physical, virtual and cloud environment). Another important condition for increasing the efficiency of new Cisco services for the automation and optimization network with unified fabric Unified Network Fabric Automation Services): service automation network operations (Operations Automation Service reduces the costs associated with installation, maintenance and technical support, as well as automates the best practices and advanced CCIE service (Advanced Services); service optimization of data centers (Data Center Optimization Services improve the efficiency and quality of operations through continuous performance analysis, recommendations, coordinated change management within the it Department and support the business units of the company. "Innovative solutions FEX embedded in switches Nexus, help customers seamlessly move from physical to virtual environment," says senior Vice President of Cisco Sony Gandini (Soni Jiandani, group, server access and virtualization technologies). Program Nexus B22 OEM was another proof of the leadership of our company in terms of market development and cloud architectures Cisco Data Center Fabric. We offer the scalability and flexibility of such a level of competitors won't be able to accomplish..

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