Announced action Young Justice: Legacy - Cell phones

Announced action Young Justice: Legacy - Cell phonesThe development is action Young Justice: Legacy, according to the publisher Little Orbit. Today it was announced the signing of a contract with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to develop and release games based on the animated series Young Justice, the rights to which are owned by Warner Bros. The Animation. To whom to entrust the project is not clear. Most likely - Little Orbit. The game will appear on Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii and DS in the first quarter of 2013. About the possibility of transferring it to a more modern Nintendo console 3DS and Wii U publisher for some reason are not reported. The game, as its underlying cartoon, based on the DC comics Universe. We will focus on the teenage team of superheroes, fighting various villains. You are Robin, Superboy, Bethel etc. the Script write the same people that are responsible for the animated series, i.e. Greg Weismann (Greg Weisman and Brandon, Vietti (Brandon Vietti). Although the details of the plot are not disclosed, it is clear that the goal is to beat all of the villains. You can play is the single player campaign, as well as in online and LAN modes. Prepared according to Eurogamer..

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