Infrastructure virtualization Cisco VXI: not easy, but extremely effective - and clear - Cell phones

Infrastructure virtualization Cisco VXI: not easy, but extremely effective - and clear - Cell phonesSolutions for desktop virtualization are becoming more common in the corporate market. It is expected that by 2014 hosted virtual desktops will cover 70 million computers, i.e. 15% of corporate desktops and laptops. To further accelerate this process, customers need reliable voice and high-definition video, as well as the possibility of introducing integrated systems that reduce the cost and complexity of implementation. To solve such problems about a year ago, Cisco has developed the infrastructure of the Cisco VXI (Virtualization Experience Infrastructure). Presenting an open, proven solution to create a virtual workspace, it combines solutions and technologies that belong to different network architectures Cisco architecture solutions for collaboration (Collaboration) to networks without borders (Borderless Networks and data centers, as well as the products and services of partners of Cisco. Due to this VXI allows you to build a flexible, highly secure infrastructure that supports excellent quality custom services, providing excellent value to the business. Continuing to develop this infrastructure, October 12, Cisco announced the release of a number of new solutions and innovative mechanisms for comprehensive support desktop virtualization (see details on page Using his own experience of creation of unified communications, Cisco has developed a new terminal capable of supporting high-quality voice and video in a virtualization environment and significantly upgrade the style of work in this environment. How the result is higher quality video can be judged by looking at the page.

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