The tablet Asus Transformer will be a Quad - Cell phones

The tablet Asus Transformer will be a Quad - Cell phonesTaiwanese company Asus will release a new version of the tablet Asus Transformer, according to our Engadget. The device will be called the Transformer Prime. Like the Asus Transformer, the new model will be a hybrid of a tablet and a netbook. It will consist of two modules, tablet, and connected to a docking station in the form of a keyboard. The size of the touch screen, the Transformer Prime will be 10 inches. Unlike the previous model, Transformer Prime not be able to use dual core and Quad core processor. The unit will be based on chip Nvidia Tegra 3, also known under the code name Kal-El. The device will be made of aluminum, as introduced on October 12, "ultrabook" Asus Zenbook. Tablet convertible will have a USB port, port, mini-HDMI and SD card slot. The thickness of the body will amount to 8.3 mm, and the battery life of 14.5 hours, told the co-founder Asus johnny Shih (Jonney Shih) at the AsiaD conference in Hong Kong. However, he did not clarify, are you talking only about the tablet or the tablet with a docking station. Transformer Prime will be running the Android OS, but what version it will use, not specified. This is expected to be presented on October 19, Ice Cream Sandwich. Official presentation of the new "transformers" will take place on 9 November. When the device goes on sale and at what price, not yet reported. Johnny Shih, speaking at AsiaD, also confirmed the Asus plans to release another hybrid device - Asus Padfone. It will be a tablet, inside of which is placed a smartphone. According to Shih, the Padfone will be submitted in early 2012..

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