Jane Jensen has announced a new quest - Cell phones

Jane Jensen has announced a new quest - Cell phonesOne of the key figures of the gaming industry of the past, standing at the origins of the genre quests Jane Jensen (Jane Jensen) working on a new project called Moebius. Two weeks ago, Ms. Jensen opened his own Studio Pinkerton Road. Then she announced that she intends to create a new adventure game. Well, yesterday appeared the first information about the project. Of course, this quest. "Metaphysical sci-Fi Thriller", says Jane. Quest Moebius should become a kind of mixture of the television series Fringe, and the classic game Gabriel Knight, created by Ms. Jensen. Trader Antiques, our future hero, travels the world in search of unique artifacts. He is able to see the "soul" of any object, and for this unique gift of his hires a millionaire. The antiquary is mandated to study several events. The first investigation will concern the death of a young woman found hanged at a Venetian bridges... According to Jane Jensen, waiting for us old-school quest with a fascinating history and interesting puzzles. "I don't think there is such a thing as a modern quests, said razrabotki. - We will remain faithful to the traditions, just remove some deprecated elements like the death of a character without the ability to save or termination of the game just because you missed some pixel in one of the previous locations". Fundraising for the development is carried out in the system crowdfunding Kickstarter. The project needs $300 thousand Piggy Bank will be open for another 32 days; now it lies $180 thousand.

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