Left console demo shooter Rage (video) - Cell phones

Left console demo shooter Rage (video) - Cell phonesOctober 4, started selling shooter Rage, created by id Software. After almost two months after the release, the developers decided to release a console demo. Developers do not have to go into detail and explain why this delay. To receive comments from publisher Bethesda Softworks also failed. It is important to know the following: yesterday, November 22, demo (2,03 GB) appeared in the Xbox Live Marketplace. On the console the PS3 demo will also be released, but later. "Release the PSN network will be held on 6 December," said Vice President of Bethesda Pete Hines (Pete Hines). From the game you will learn what happens to the Earth after a collision with Apophis. And there will be an Apocalypse, the death of civilization. Few survivors are selected from a special underground ARKS to discover ruined planet, pitiful remnants of cities, mutants, bandits and totalitarian government, hatching some evil plans. The hero will travel across the wasteland, to perform "post" quests and shoot everything that moves. Shoot, by the way, does not cause even the slightest criticism, but all the rest....

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