Google has revealed on Twitter by Leo Tolstoy (video) - Cell phones

Google has revealed on Twitter by Leo Tolstoy (video) - Cell phonesGoogle has released a video "How would our world be like if the Internet had existed for thousands of years?" in which the use of modern popular resources entrusted historical characters. The roller is timed to the opening of the forum Big Tent that Google holds on 25 April in Moscow. Starts the video with laying in the map service Google Maps route from Egypt to the Promised Land. The path that the system was estimated at 40 years and eight thousand kilometers, lies, in particular, on the bottom of the Gulf of Suez. After this video shows how Nicolaus Copernicus rules article about the Earth on Wikipedia. Instead claims that the planet is flat and rests on three pillars, he writes that the Earth is round and revolves around the Sun. A significant portion of the roller allocated Russian historical characters and events. In particular, it is the writer Leo Tolstoy tries to publish in Twitter account length of several million marks. His message, he starts with the words: "140 characters is highly upsetting and yet offend me to the limit". Also in the video shows how the artist Wassily Kandinsky criticizes the "Black square" by Kazimir Malevich, published in photo-sharing site Flickr, and Alexander Pushkin receives a "badge", "King of balls" frequent "ins" (mark) at balls in an unnamed location-based service (obviously, we are talking about Foursquare). In addition, the authors roller beat the Decembrist revolt in 1825, showing page rally "For fair elections" in Facebook with slogans "We are for honest hereditary transfer of power" and "stop feeding the king!". The fire of 1812 in Moscow depicted in the form of a notice on the service "Yandex.Card". Also in the video is a news website LifeNews, reporting on the "Last day of Pompeii" with the word "Shock! Painting!", and the torrent tracker where you published the film by the lumiГЁre brothers 'Arrival of a train". Note that the rollers with the "historical" use of modern Internet resources appeared before. So, in the video "Google Exodus - Passover movie", released in March 2011, shows how Moses with the help of modern services associated with God, the Egyptian Pharaoh and the Israelites..

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