In Yandex.Mail will be allowed without registration - Cell phones

In Yandex.Mail will be allowed without registration - Cell phonesHave an account on "Yandex" has ceased to be a prerequisite for access to the personal side of the company, according to a received by the editors "" press release. Since August 31, users can go to the service "Yandex" - for example, in the mail, "Yandex.Market or in the social network "Ya ru - using account on another resource. Supported authorization through Vkontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Google, or Twitter. If the user is already registered in "Yandex", he can "bind" third-party accounts to their account. This operation is reversible - if desired, the binding is reversible. To manage the list of accounts provided by the page "Social profiles". The logon with third-party account is OAuth. "Yandex" does not "see" passwords for user accounts on other sites. Go to the service "Yandex" under a user account other resource as you can with your computer and mobile device. In "Yandex" blog reported that in a test mode service "social" authorization worked since June..

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