Players in Dragon Age III promised multiplayer - Cell phones

Players in Dragon Age III promised multiplayer - Cell phonesAn anonymous insider told Kotaku that RPG Dragon Age III will appear multiplayer mode. Previous games in the series could be just alone. According to the source, in multiplayer, players will be able to play for the dragons. According to Kotaku, the insider, provided the information is not yet known whether the multiplayer part of the main DA III or additional downloadable game. Multiplayer mode will be focused on the battle in arenas. Players will be able to fight with monsters and each other. According to the insider, based multiplayer DA III will form the Frostbite 2 engine, designed by Studio DICE. Previously it was used when creating the shooter Battlefield 3. Electronic Arts has not yet confirmed this information. If rumors prove correct, Dragon Age III will be the second last time RPG from the Studio BioWare, which will be built in multiplayer. Previously, the developers said that this mode will appear in the third part of cosmophere Mass Effect, but there will be only PvE missions: players will have to work together to fight the enemies of the galaxy. Dragon Age III was unofficially announced in late spring: then creative Director of the game, Alistair, Macnally (Alistair McNally) wrote in his Twitter that he needs designers environment to work on the project. The first details about the game appeared at the end of August. Then the developers told at PAX Prime that the plot of the game will be a war between mages and Templars, and the main character will have to restore order in the world. Who will be this hero, it is not yet clear, but the BioWare hinted that there may appear a Grey warden from the first part, and hawke from the second..

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