Announced game Police Warfare (video) - Cell phones

Announced game Police Warfare (video) - Cell phonesThe development is network shooter Police Warfare, according to the company's Elastic Games. It is the project of ex-employees of Ubisoft, Epic Games, Electronic Arts and Crytek, who established his own Studio. In due time, the participants worked on Gears Of War, Crysis, Assassin-s Creed 2 and other hits. According to lead designer of the project James Wiringa (James Wearing), the game is being developed for six months, having passed the stage of pereproizvodstvo and received the final concept document. Designers have completed the study of the art style, animations, creating the characters and plot. In General, we are starting the development, and the Elastic Games require a $325 thousand fundraising, as usual, is in the system crowdfunding Kickstarter. Piggy Bank is closed on 18 may. "We are a small, but incredibly high quality game," say the developers. - Consider that before you stripped down version of this AAA-project". Divided into two teams, some players will take on the role of the robbers, the other special forces SWAT. No precise list of platforms, no estimated release date of the game yet..

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