Announced the addition Tropico 4: Modern Times (video) - Cell phones

Announced the addition Tropico 4: Modern Times (video) - Cell phonesThe development is a new addition to the town-planning simulator Tropico 4, according to Sofia (Bulgaria) Studio Haemimont Games. Addon called Tropico 4: Modern Times, will be released in March on PC and Xbox 360. It costs $19,99. As the original project, released in August last year, the Supplement will be published by the German company Kalypso Media. In the original game, we, El Presidente, with enviable persistence rebuilt the city, established the economy, attracting investment and tourists. In continuation of our fearless leader is faced with problems of the XXI century". The Internet, global terrorism, turmoil in global financial markets. All of this will have to be addressed in a new story campaign, which consists of 12 missions. In addition, the developers promise new buildings and structures, medicinali modernization of existing buildings, additional maintenance functions of social policy. For example, you can restrict citizens ' access to the world wide web. Finally, we will be able to build a spaceport and launch someone into orbit. For example, a character by the name of Putin..

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