In the game of League of Legends more than 15 million users of Mobile phones

In the game of League of Legends more than 15 million users of Mobile phonesThe number of registered users on-line game called "League of Legends" has exceeded fifteen million people. About this event said the Studio "Riot Studios", which is the developer of the game. Every day in the game go more than a half million times. In addition, each month the audience of the game is about 4 million people. According to statistics Studio game developer the maximum number of players that were in the game, is more than half a million. Every day in the game are more than one million fights between the teams. In the game there are two teams, each of which includes five people. If you add up the total amount of time that players spend a day in the game, then this number will be 3.7 million hours. The official website of "League of Legends" every day is visited by more than six million people. "League of Legends" is a team of on-line strategy includes elements of RPG. The game is similar to "DotA" ("Defense of the Ancients"). In each battle, two team, in which from one to five persons. To win in the party, you need to destroy the enemy camp. The opening game for all comers took place two years ago. Just then, in 2009, the "League of Legends" was awarded as "the best on-line game from the Golden Joystick Awards..

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