Started beta testing Guild Wars 2 - Cell phones

Started beta testing Guild Wars 2 - Cell phonesMMORPG Guild Wars 2 has entered a phase of closed beta testing, report developers from ArenaNet. Rumor has it that it will allow not only testers of the company, but also third-party players. But the developers, alas, classified everything. "This phase gets under conditions of non-disclosure, and to make the discussion on the audience we are not going," said designer John Peters (Jon Peters). - To know any special web page with registration will not be; we don't tell them about how the selection of participants test". However, the public phase will also be, just not yet reported, when. As the approximate date of the release is next spring. Will publish a game company NCsoft. Action Guild Wars 2 takes place 250 years later after the events of the first part. From the depths of the ocean, the ground rose up, woke up five mighty dragons, bearing the world of Tyria death and destruction. In General, the fate of the virtual sandbox will determine next year..

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