Updated release date Wii game Xenoblade Chronicles - Cell phones

Updated release date Wii game Xenoblade Chronicles - Cell phonesPublisher Nintendo said the release date for the Western version RPG Xenoblade Chronicles. It is reported that eururalis will be held on August 19, and the Australian and new Zealand - September 1. Silent company only about the game's release in the U.S. and Canada; according to rumors, the localization for this region is completed, but the official comments publishers refuse. Well, in Japan, Xenoblade Chronicles, developed by the Studio Monolith Soft, appeared last year in June. In the list of platforms is only one console - the Wii. Events Xenoblade Chronicles takes place in a universe consisting of two worlds - biological Bionis and mechanical Mechon. Once they waged a brutal war, but now all was quiet, and people forgot about the terrible times". However, the pacifists in the game is not too much, and some mechanical giants again threatened with invasion. With them and we will investigate. With the help of a magic sword. Prepared according to VG247..

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