Voice translator Google has taught Russian language - Cell phones

Voice translator Google has taught Russian language - Cell phonesVoice translator, built-in Google Translate for Android, will be able to work with the Russian language. About Google, the developer of the program, said in his blog. Russian became one of the 12 new languages that appeared in the voice interpreter. Previously the service, launched in January 2011, could "understand" only English and Spanish. Voice translator is intended to facilitate communication users who speak different languages. It performs a sequential translation of the phrases they say. For example, if the dialogue is carried on by Russian and Chinese, the program will translate the spoken Russian words into Chinese and spoken Chinese - Russian. The translation of each phrase is no more than a few seconds. The result is displayed on the screen smartphones and spoken. Google Translate translation service oral dialogues is called Conversation Mode ("call"). Google warns that the service is an alpha version, and the translation errors may occur. On the translation quality can be influenced by background noise and focus of the user..

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