Sony has announced a firmware update PS Vita - Cell phones

Sony has announced a firmware update PS Vita - Cell phonesSony has announced a firmware update PS Vita handheld console, reports andriasang. Software version 1.6 will be available from 8 February. After installing the new firmware console owners will be able to shoot videos (currently the video function is not available there). Also after the upgrade to PS Vita will appear on the navigation Map service. With it, users will be able to determine your location, get directions, and get information about the surrounding objects. The service will be available as maps and pictures of the area taken from a satellite. In addition, Sony plans to release a version of Content Manager Assistant (client program that is designed to synchronize PS Vita and PC) for Mac OS. While the client is available only for computers running Windows. PS Vita went on sale in Japan in late December. During the first week after release, gamers have acquired about 325 thousand consoles. In the second week of Japanese users have bought a little more than 70 thousand consoles. Now selling PS Vita at home do not exceed 20 thousand copies a week. The European release Vita will be held on February 22..

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