Bioshock for PS Vita will be the original game - Cell phones

Bioshock for PS Vita will be the original game - Cell phonesKen Levine (Ken Levine), the head of the Studio Irrational Games, in an interview with Joystiq said that Bioshock for a portable console, the PS Vita is the original project. He said that the game Studio is preparing for the new consoles from Sony will not be a port of one of the previously released shooters. According to Levine, the game for the new console, Sony will not be a port of the shooter Bioshock Infinite, which now employs developers. "I'd like to do something unusual, something experimental," said the head of Irrational Games. He added that the creation of games for Vita is at the very early stages, so he is not ready to give more specific information. Commenting on the recent rumors that Bioshock for PS Vita may be transferred to third-party developers, Levine noted that such a possibility exists. He said that representatives of Irrational met many wonderful people, but as a clear decision about who will be her partner for the development of the game, Irrational no. Game for PS Vita Bioshock universe was announced at E3 in 2011. In addition to this Irrational project is currently developing dieselpunk shooter Bioshock Infinite, which will be released on PS3, Xbox 360 and personal computers. The release of this project is planned for 2012. The first shooter Bioshock was released in August 2007, and the release of its sequel took place in February 2010. Both games were well received by users and received high marks in the specialized press..

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