System Steam Trading fully operational - Cell phones

System Steam Trading fully operational - Cell phonesValve reports that beta-testing system Steam Trading ended. From September 6, this mechanism operates in full force. Never heard about Steam Trading? - Tell: it is a system that allows Steam users to exchange in-game items and entire games. At the stage of beta testing subscribers could just change the items from the game Team Fortress 2. Since yesterday, the list has expanded to two more titles - Portal 2 and Spiral Knights. However, the greatest interest is the sharing of games. The system user can purchase the game and mark it as a gift, then this project will be added to the list of commodities exchanged. No territorial restrictions is not expected. "Now we are negotiating with major manufacturers of games, so they added our technology in their projects," the statement said Valve. According to the developers, in the future Steam Trading will allow you to get rid of so-called virtual black markets, where for real money to bypass developers and publishers sell in-game items and weapons. "You will be able to exchange weapons, armor, rare artifacts to get exactly what you want, and never pay the speculators penny," summed up the developers. Prepared according to Joystiq..

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